Nappoo Hi # Command was founded in 1998 with a vision to cater the needs of wire and cable industries. With rapid development in power sector, it is essential to supply the correct equipment with desired characteristics so as to fulfill the needs of the industry. Nappoo Hi Command has established its reputation of providing utmost customer satisfaction by providing customer specific solutions for processing a wide range of raw materials, say ferrous and nonferrous having bar rod or wire form.

Our expertise lies in drawing, stranding, sheathing and material handling domains while dealing with customers from Metallurgy, Power and Conductor industries

Here are some of our awards



TATA Certificate

Global Wires India Vendor Meet 2019

Certificate of Appreciation


Nappoo Hi Command is a group of technically qualified personnel having specific expertise in the respective particular areas who are constantly striving to improve, develop and design equipment’s to stand at par in all aspects of design, manufacturing and output of finished products.


Nappoo Hi Command believes sustainable development with proper balance of all business activities. Not only having a deal is our motto but also to earn customer satisfaction with an excellent ever to come manufacturer. Customer relationships. Enduring with this idea we move forth by serving domestic and international markets and supply not only equipment’s of metal, current and heat but also care driven values

Nappoo Hi Command sustains itself by continuous design and development activities yielding near to perfection manufacturing technology while maintaining standards as desired by customers. We maintain a portfolio of standard and quality as defined by German institute’s standards (DIN), American Standards (ASME/AIS/ANSI) & British Standards (EN) for better productivity in practical and paper form


To meet the tougher standards of the industry, Nappoo Hi Command emphasizes its focus in selection of raw materials processing equipments and extracting the best skills from the available man power. The reliability of our machines depends on the parts and components used. Hence, each part to be produced passed through well defined planned processes under supervision of our excellent team inspectors so as to follow uncompromised quality policy. With this principle, dedicated to provide equipments that are

• Capable of providing more than 10 years of service life
• Minimum on maintenance
• Yielding Higher output
• Increasing profitability of the customers
• Capable of infusing automation based on scalability as desired by customers
• Modern and high-tech equipments
• Easy on serviceability and maintenance

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