• Armouring Operation with Steel Wires as well as Screening Operation with Copper wires is possible with upto 120 wires on the bare cable
core or insulated core
• Machine is useful for armouring and screening of MV / HV / EHV cables with strip / round wires
• Wire size range from 0.6 mm to 2 mm
• Pay-Off & Take-Up spool / reel flange size ranging from Ø1600 mm to Ø 4000 mm
• Options of Column moving type / Portal type / Cantilever type Pay-Off and Take-Up units
• Machine is suitable for Heavy-duty forming and / screening / armouring process
• The machine construction, form and function are based on Rigid Cage type machine
• Sturdy and Rigid construction of the machine by use of tested structural steel from reputed OEM
• Post-fabrication testing and treatment done duly for higher machine structure life
• Heavy-duty main machine bearing house made of special steel material to compensate heavy dynamic loads and vibrational loads
• Automatic Lubrication system to all main bearings
• Latest technology and European inspired design for optimum machine running yielding higher output
• Machine cage configuration :- 24 BB ; 36 BB ; 48 BB ; 54 BB ; 72 BB (36 +36) ; 90 BB (42+48) and upto 120 BB
• Main machine rotating speed of upto 200 PM
• Spool size range that can be accommodated in the machine are according to DIN standard dimensions wherein flange dia are :- Ø400 mm ;
Ø500 mm ; Ø630 mm & Ø800 mm with maximum 650 kg single full spool load
• Bobbin holding between moveable and stationary pintles
• Pintle movement actuated by pneumatic system
• Bobbin is held by spring pressure with a secondary positive lock. The release of bobbin is by externally plugged pneumatic compressed Air
(Max 6 Bar only). The cylinders designed for operating with lesser than 6 Bar pressure.
• Automatic Batch Bobbin loading-unloading system for quicker operations by virtue of hydraulic system (optional :- Motorised Lead-screw
mechanism for quick bobbin load-unload system)
• Option of Side trolley type bobbin batch loading-unloading system
• Constant Bobbin back tension achieved by Electro pneumatic valve & Single bobbin rotation is electronically sensed for controlling the
required tension.
• Disc brakes provided with pneumatic system for each machine cage
• Option of flat surfaced single wheeled Haul-Off unit as well as belt-driven Caterpillars
• Haul-Off unit capstan wheel size range from Ø1500 mm to Ø3000 mm
• Pay-Off and Take-Up unit sizes range from Ø1600 mm to Ø4000 mm
• All Cages, Taping Head, Haul-Off Unit, Pay-Off & Take-Up are separately driven
• Latest Electronics (Siemens control system) employed to obtain accurate synchronization of entire line
• Latest AC drives, PLC and touch panel control systems using Profibus and Profinet communication. Fault diagnosis, recipe and production
reports included. Data feed to client MIS over Ethernet
• Lay is fed in MMI (Operator touch screen) instead of Gearbox. Any lay value in the range can be set & achieved
• In Power failure situation, the machine comes to a controlled stop, enabling the Product safety
• Human Safety Guards with various options available

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