• Rounded Conductor sections of 16 to 400 mm2 ; Sectoral sections of 50 to 500 mm2
; Cable dia of 150 mm
• Reel diameter range that can be suited with machine line are : Ø1000 mm to Ø5000 mm
• Maximum Reel weight of upto 55 Metric Tons or 55,000 kg can be accommodated
• Drum Twister Machine is used for laying up of power cable of low voltage sector / round and high voltage core. It can also be used for
cable armouring with steel wire or screening of high / extra high voltage core using aluminium / copper wire
• The drum twister combines quality, productivity and flexibility compared to other stranding methods. When coupled with back-twisting
pay-offs, it provides true planetary product on reel sizes that are not practical on any other machine
• Versions of machine that are available: Support ring with heavy-duty under rollers ; Cantilever fork type and Closed cradle type
• Heavy section structural steel fabricated and post-weld testing and treatment duly done on special purpose machines for extra-ordinary
machine life
• Machine structure machined on special machine tools carrying reputed OEM names from Italy, Spain and Germany only
• The machine carries components from reputed OEM which are reliable, best in performance and easily available
• Automatic unloading-loading device through the use of hydraulic or motorized platforms and motorized bobbin conveyors to minimize
operator intervention
• Wide range of static or rotating pay-offs available with motorized bobbins or braked bobbins
• Full range of eccentric and tangential taping heads for plastic, copper, aluminium and steel tapes
• Maximum Rotational speed of 20 RPM to 100 RPM
• Separate AC traverse motor for take-up and electronic limits which can be adjusted via the HMI
• An automatic tension control feature on the pay-offs and take-ups calculates the bobbin diameter and guarantees a constant tension.
• Rotating Dancers for full speed control available for pay-offs low tension applications.
• Optional feature of UPS and Dynamic Regenerative Drive System to bring the entire machine to a controlled stop during a power failure
without product damage.
• Special designed brake system to match the heavy inertial forces and angular momentum of the machine for easy tension control of the
product running in the machine as well to stop the machine
• Best machine ergonomics to suit International OEM’s SOP like Nexans, Brugg Cables, Polycab etc.
• Human safety systems come standard with machine line

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