• Planetary Stranding machinery possesses sun and planet working principle
• Machine is useful for Armouring of subsea and optical cables, Stranding of fibers and telephone cables, production of OPGW cables, closing machines for steel wire ropes, production of umbilical cables, stranding of overhead conductors
• This special machine finds application in stranding of glass fibres, telephone cables, control cables, insulated conductors and mixed elements
• Armouring of glass fibre submarine cables with high tensile steel wires
• Production of OPGW constructions
• High-voltage cable armouring
• Stranding of co-axial conductors
• Production of transposed wire conductors
• Armouring of subsea power cables
• The machine comes with various construction types pertinent to stranding cages
• Various spool drives and brake systems, complete with pay-off, tape lapping unit
• Main machine, Haul-Off and Take-Up unit, Electrical system with PLC or PLC control
• For all existing DIN specifications of spool sizes, machine is suitable for reels or spool flange Ø400 mm to Ø3500 mm
• Special sizes on request can be catered
• Self-supporting cage or with under rollers
• Carriage or Cradle execution in 3, 4, 6 or 8 per station can be accommodated
• Individual AC drives or optional group drive via change gearbox and transmission shaft, or single line drive motor
• Motorised, pneumatic or manual pintle shaft action
• Wire tension kept constant from full to empty spool by virtue of AC motorised gear unit / special brake system
• Carriage speed of upto 200 RPM, depending on spool dimension and cage construction
• Options of fitting machine with strand tension monitoring spool drive / brake motor for constant strand tension
• Options of Electronic, Pneumatic and mechanical brakes
• Electronic or mechanical adjustment of brakes for balanced strand tension
• Modern Pay-Off and Take-Up solutions offering stationary, rotating and traversing technology and where required, the possibility to
reverse, suitable for reels with flange Ø6000 mm and a maximum width of 10,000 mm weighing upto 600 Metric Tons
• Optimum single capstan and double capstan haul-off technology matched to the requirement, featuring capstan sizes of upto Ø5000 mm
and a maximum pull of 800 kN
• Special pre-formers and post-formers to ensure optimum treatment of the stranded or finished product
• Special calibration and compacting equipment as well as lubricating systems
• Variable back-twist with individual drive
• Separate machine assembly drives using controlled DC or AC technology
• Synchronisation of speed and angular displacement and torque and tension control
• Maintenance of product related quality parameters under all conditions of operation with controlled machine stopping in the event of a
loss of supply voltage (AC technology)
• The use of programmable controls in conjunction with touch screen operation makes possible fully automatic process control, operation
and monitoring, programme management, data collection, record keeping, service functions and maintenance
• Automated acceleration for maximum machine performance
• Input of production parameters via screen or keyboard, registering and recording of production data
• Human Safety guards with options of automation as well as manual entry points; loading and unloading systems

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