• Heavy-duty and higher speed rotating machinery meant for producing bigger conductors and cables
• Machine is totally based on Automation – made as per European Norms and is instilled with modern technology for higher output
• Rotating speed of machinery upto 320 RPM
• Machine is suitable for Round cross-section Aluminium, Aluminium Alloy and Copper material wire
• End product that can be derived from the machine are Copper / Aluminium and allied alloy bare conductors and cable
• The construction of conductor or cable can be Stranded / Compacted Round / Straight Sector Shaped / Pre-spiralled sector shaped
• The machine is suitable to produce Regular Overhead Conductors (AAC / AAAC / ACSR conductors) ; HV Cable Core ; EHV Cable Core ;
Milliken Conductor Core and other heavy-duty cable cores
• Wire size of Ø1.3 mm to Ø5 mm can be stranded into desired product with cross-section of upto 4000 mm2
(Al / Al Alloy) to 3500 mm2 (Cu)
• Configuration of machine line as per end product can be made from 7 to 127 wires i.e. (1+6+12+18+24+30+36) = 127 wires
• Each machine cage can accommodate from (1+8) to (1+56) bobbins
• Bobbin / Reel barrel size of Ø500 mm, Ø630 mm & Ø800 mm confirming to DIN standard can be suited to the machine
• Max bobbin weight of upto 650 Kg can be loaded into the machine
• Each Machine cage is heavy in construction which is fabricated with structural steel into one integral structure
• Post-fabrication testing and heat treatment processes are duly done for a longer machine structure life
• Rugged monolithic rotor construction provides mechanical reliability and excellent performance
• Dual piece main bearing house made of special steel for higher fatigue life and vibration dampening properties
• Main bearings provided with automatic lubrication system with temperature monitoring
• Specially designed die-box to accommodate various dies of different dimensions
• Specially designed heavy-duty Pre-Spiral head used with stranding machine to manufacture pre-spiral sector shaped and highly compacted
conductor of copper and aluminium. Manufacture highly compacted circular conductors with minimum ovality and uniform dimension all
along the conductor / core
• Bobbin holding between moveable and stationary pintles
• Pintle movement actuated by pneumatic system
• Bobbin is held by spring pressure with a secondary positive lock. The release of bobbin is by externally plugged pneumatic compressed Air
(Max 6 Bar only). The cylinders designed for operating with lesser than 6 Bar pressure.
• Automatic Batch Bobbin loading-unloading system for quicker operations by virtue of hydraulic system (optional :- Motorised Lead-screw
mechanism for quick bobbin load-unload system)
• Option of Side trolley type bobbin batch loading-unloading system
• Constant Bobbin back tension achieved by Electro pneumatic valve & Single bobbin rotation is electronically sensed for controlling the
required tension.
• Disc brakes provided with pneumatic system for each machine cage
• Dual Wheeled Haul-Off Capstan Units with hard surface for heavy compacting loads. Various Haul-Off units designed for wide pull range
starting from 5 kN to 800 kN
• Emergency stop system provided for quick stoppage of the running machine to stand-still in 2 seconds
• All Cages, Pre-Spiralling Heads, Taping Head, Haul-Off Unit & Take-Up are separately driven
• Latest Electronics (Siemens control system) employed to obtain accurate synchronization of entire line
• Latest AC drives, PLC and touch panel control systems using Profibus and Profinet communication. Fault diagnosis, recipe and production
reports included. Data feed to client MIS over Ethernet
• Lay is fed in MMI (Operator touch screen) instead of Gearbox. Any lay value in the range can be set & achieved
• In Power failure situation, the machine comes to a controlled stop, enabling the Product safety
• Each cage is driven through Timer Pulley & belts during normal run. Separate Gearbox is used during Loading operation
• Self-travelling Portal Take-Up Stands with diameter compensation tension control for reels upto Ø3600 mm flange. Option of Column
moving type Take-Up system available
• Remote assistance and trouble-shooting by internet / GSM line
• Human Safety guards with various options available

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