Rod Breakdown Machinery

• Machine is used for Drawing Rods of considerable cross- section area. Large diameter rods/wires are drawn into small diameter wires/rods
• High Speed Machine confirming to European Technology
• Al / Al Alloy Rods at inlet of upto Ø9.5 mm can be drawn to as small as Ø1.3 mm
• Cu Rods at inlet of upto Ø8.0 mm can be drawn to as small as Ø1.15 mm
• Machine can be suited for Wire Reduction of 33% for Aluminium rods and 26% for Aluminium Alloy rods at each die
• For Cu rods or wire, the maximum reduction of 26% is achieved at each draft / die
• Machine can accommodate 2 wires or rods at a time for higher production
• The machine can be configured in range of 8 die to 13 die
• With single wire maximum machine speed of 28 m/s
• Double wire maximum machine speed of 22 m/s
• Drawing Capstan of Ø450 mm partially or fully submerged in the drawing lubricant
• Modular Machine structure with complete gear train machined to precise dimensions
• Extremely smooth operation and uniform load transmission by helical precision gear
• Sturdy and Optimised machine frame for absorbing vibrations
• Assembly and sub-assembly of machine designed in such way so that maintenance and overhauling is easy and quick
• Highly reliable mechanical seals for leak-proof machine
• Well-designed drawing lubricant basin and jets for each die holder.
• Drawing Lubricant circulates continuously through filtration system and intercooler provided in conjunction with the machine
• Gear Oil provided with filtration and intercooler system for clear and cool oil
• Best machine efficiency with reduced Electricity consumption per ton of wire produced
• Two A.C. motors provided with the machine
• Higher quality and super finished drawn wire is achieved by virtue of final motorised die
• HMI and PLC system provided with the machine for better control ergonomics
• Reduced consumption of gear oil and drawing lubricant
• Longer service intervals and extended drawing tool service life minimize the requirement to stock and use spare parts
• Options of Spooler or Coiler system at Take-Up section available

Rod Breakdown Machinery
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