• Best machine for steel industry as well as steel wire-rope industry
• Suitable for manufacturing different steel strands of varied metallurgy and construction as requested by customer
• Machine is best suited for stranding and closing operations of steel wires and steel wire ropes to produce the end rope product with desired size and construction
• Best machine operation with zero twist advantage
• European latest design
• Robust and heavy-duty machine construction
• Total machine rotor mounted in encircling bearings all in series with tolerance range kept in check
• Optimum tube design and manufacturing methods implemented with latest CNC machine tools
• All rotating elements are statically and dynamically balanced on special high-tech machines
• High capacity, High Speed, reliable and very long-lasting machine
• Best engineering practice and procedure followed for safety needs
• Wide range of design features in each assembly suiting different applications
• Wire range from Ø0.15 mm to Ø5 mm
• Spool size that can be accommodated in the machine range from flange Ø150 mm to Ø1250 mm
• Spool accommodation in the machine range from (1+6) to (1+48)
• Smooth wire angle for best quality end product
• Machine rotating speeds of upto 3000 RPM
• Spool or reel loaded between stationary and moving pintles all with thrust bearings for easy and efficient loading and unloading in the
• Spool / reel accommodated in specially designed cradles with assemblies and sub-assemblies for holding them
• Spool or reel brake system of special design assembled in special way to suit the braking dynamics and achieve the objective of wire /
strand tension control
• Bobbin / reel held between pintles which are pneumatically actuated for locking and unlocking in the cradle
• Option of mechanical locking-unlocking as well as wire tension system available
• Wire / Strand are kept in constant tension from full to empty spool
• Efficient wire / strand tension control as well as meticulous wire run design for smooth wire threading path throughout the machine for
best quality rope production
• Infinite lay setting with latest electronic support instead of primitive multi-speed gear-box units
• Wide range of Haul-Off units / Take-Up spoolers as per application
• Haul-Off units with capstan wheels of upto Ø5000 mm and upto 800 kN pull available with special and heavy-duty design
• Separate drives and controls as per European standards reducing mechanical, maintenance and down-time
• Machine developed to comply to all safety norms as per European standards as per CE needs
• Product safety assured during Power failure situation
• Optimum Engineering support for appropriate machine selection suiting applications

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