• Special series of Drawing Machine Line suited for this extra-ordinary raw material
• Dry type wire drawing machine designed for High carbon Steel and High Alloy Steel wire
• Machine is best suitable for high carbon-chrome PC wire meant for steel reinforcement LRPC and PCSR product
• Straight line wire drawing machine with latest features conferring to European working norms
• Extra strength imparting machine structure for more machine life against working loads, vibrations, fatigue and work area quality
• Sturdy, compact and modular machine frame
• No slip and no twist drawing – higher quality drawn wire
• Limited Dancer / Tuner Roll for high responsive and synchronous high-speed drawing operation for medium and large sized steel wire rods
• Block size range from Ø700 mm to as big as Ø1200 mm
• Number of blocks range from 1 to 13
• Maximum machine speed of upto 15 m/s
• Wire / Rod size at inlet range from Ø5 mm to Ø24 mm
• Forged alloy steel drawing blocks, case hardened upto 62 HRC to make it extremely wear resistance and for longer life
• Options of various metallurgical treatment available for drawing blocks to make them extra strong against wear and tear
• Machine structure made up of high strength tested structural steel of repute make
• Fabrication and post-fabrication treatment accompanied with testing duly done for defect free structure
• Machining of components and machine sub-assemblies done on OEM machine tools having CNC technology
• First block as Overhead-Take-Off unit (OTO) with variable rotating arm (VFN)
• Excellent block cooling system with self-cleaning technique – Special Jacket arrangement facilitating water turbulence to obtain maximum
Heat Transfer from the blocks and yield better and cooler wire / rod runs upon it
• Drawing Blocks are coated with rust preventive material from inside
• Specialised die box with sensor control tuner arm
• Optimized die cooling by externally circulated cool air or option of water circuit for higher heat transfer rates
• Special designed die-boxes to adapt pressure die as well as conventional die. Easy and quick changing of die
• Adjustable in both the planes (horizontal as well as vertical plane) for better setting of cast and helix
• Vibration dampening rollers for high speed blocks
• Use of high-efficiency European make gearbox
• Use of pneumatic disc brakes. Efficient braking at high speeds. Emergency stop, quick stop and normal stop features. Quick ramp-up and
ramp-down time
• Motors and automation products such as dives, PLC, HMI and Electrical panel are of latest technology from world’s best OEM
• Low Power consumption as compared to other make machines due to modern drive systems and electrical power kinematics
• Best machine ergonomics and operator friendly interface
• Better wire quality compared to competition due to gentle handling of wire during drawing process
• Less vibrations, low wire deviation, zero torsion and controlled wire loop accumulation
• Low and easy maintenance. Low noise of machine
• Easy troubleshooting by means of GSM line on internet
• Higher Output and best ROI against the competition

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