LRPC Strand Lines

Rigid Stranding Machine


LRPC Strand is used as a reinforcement product for concrete beams and precast concrete structures. It is a high carbon wire product that is composed by 7 wires that are twisted or stranded together and then stretched in hot state in order to obtain the low relaxation property.

These lines are available in three different spool sizes and with different capacity:
The machine lines differ by the possibility of loading a spool size of 900, 1120 or 1250 flange diameter. The heat treatment of the strand is performed by an induction furnace that relieves the residual stresses as well as stretches the strand and comes in capacity of upto 1000 kW in power. Total Electrical power of the machine line is in excess of 3000 kW
The strand is rewound on a special lay by lay spooler in order to obtain a perfectly wound package

Heavy Duty Design for performance that is not bullet-prroof but bomb proof
From 1 to 12 blocks
From 760 to 1,200 mm capstan diameter
Rod inlet diameter up to 24 mm
High efficiency Transmission components
Unique cooling system guarantees a perfect and controlled heat exchange and wire cooling all around the block
High Drawing Speeds of upto 16 m/s
Pneumatic sensor roller control speed
Induction hardened drawing capstans with a surface hardness of 56 to 60 HRC to a depth of 2 to 4 mm
Capstans mounted on a conical shaft , to maintenance operations
Directly or indirectly water cooled dies
Die box equipped to lodge single or double dies, normal or pressure dies
Centralized pneumatic panel
Other general equipment depending on customer needs:


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