Stranding Lines

Rigid Stranding Machine


Designed to produce low relaxation pre-stressed concrete (L.R.P.C.) strand under all the international standards
From 6.3 mm (1/4”) to 28.6 mm (1-1/8”) strand diameter range
Possibility to produce, with a dedicated kit, galvanized wire strand
Bow skip strander:
DIN1120 or DIN1250 spools
From 1+2 to 1+6 wires
Possibility to install an additional 12 wires planetary or tubular strander to have 1+6+12 wires
Nappoo have high quality tensioning-cum-brake system of the spools to allow perfectly controlled back tension on wires for high quality strands
Thermo-mechanical stabilization:
Double Sets of Double wheeled units of pulling capstans, up to 50 tons pull, with load cell feedback
Induction movable furnace (from 6.,000 to 9,500 kg/h)
High efficiency cooling tank
Double synchronizing unit
Double spool take-up/pay-off:
the first working as take-up of the low relaxation line
the second working as pay-off to collect strand on final package
Layer winder:
single or double position
constant speed at 400 m/min
Possibility to add a sheathing process, for the production of PE coated PC Strand, bonded or unbonded


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