Wire, Cable & Conductor Machinery

Rod Breakdown Machinery

• Machine is used for Drawing Rods of considerable cross- section area. Large diameter rods/wires are drawn into small diameter wires/rods
• High Speed Machine confirming to European Technology
• Al / Al Alloy Rods at inlet of upto Ø9.5 mm can be drawn to as small as Ø1.3 mm
• Cu Rods at inlet of upto Ø8.0 mm can be drawn to as small as Ø1.15 mm
• Machine can be suited for Wire Reduction of 33% for Aluminium rods and 26% for Aluminium Alloy rods at each die
• For Cu rods or wire, the maximum reduction of 26% is achieved at each draft / die



• High Speed rotating machinery with modern technology conforming to European Technology
• Machine Rotating Speed of Upto 1000 RPM
• Machine Configuration (1+2) to (1+6) can be made as per application or customer requirements
• Bobbin / Reel barrel size of Ø630 mm to Ø1800 mm confirming to DIN standard can be suited to the machine
• Used for stranding Aluminium / Aluminium Alloy or Copper wires
• Machine is suitable for Stranding bare Aluminium (EC / AAC / AAAC / ACSR) conductors as well as Laying-Up of insulated Aluminium / Copper conductors



• Heavy-duty and higher speed rotating machinery meant for producing bigger conductors and cables
• Machine is totally based on Automation – made as per European Norms and is instilled with modern technology for higher output
• Rotating speed of machinery upto 320 RPM
• Machine is suitable for Round cross-section Aluminium, Aluminium Alloy and Copper material wire
• End product that can be derived from the machine are Copper / Aluminium and allied alloy bare conductors and cable
• The construction of conductor or cable can be Stranded / Compacted Round / Straight Sector Shaped / Pre-spiralled sector shaped



• Armouring Operation with Steel Wires as well as Screening Operation with Copper wires is possible with upto 120 wires on the bare cable
core or insulated core
• Machine is useful for armouring and screening of MV / HV / EHV cables with strip / round wires
• Wire size range from 0.6 mm to 2 mm
• Pay-Off & Take-Up spool / reel flange size ranging from Ø1600 mm to Ø 4000 mm
• Options of Column moving type / Portal type / Cantilever type Pay-Off and Take-Up units
• Machine is suitable for Heavy-duty forming and / screening / armouring process



• Heavy-duty machine line for producing large diameter cable – Milliken sections of upto Ø75 mm or 4000 mm2

• Rounded Conductor sections of 16 to 400 mm2 ; Sectoral sections of 50 to 500 mm2
; Cable dia of 150 mm
• Reel diameter range that can be suited with machine line are : Ø1000 mm to Ø5000 mm
• Maximum Reel weight of upto 55 Metric Tons or 55,000 kg can be accommodated
• Drum Twister Machine is used for laying up of power cable of low voltage sector / round and high voltage core. It can also be used for



• Planetary Stranding machinery possesses sun and planet working principle
• Machine is useful for Armouring of subsea and optical cables, Stranding of fibers and telephone cables,  roduction of OPGW cables, closing machines for steel wire ropes, production of umbilical cables, stranding of overhead conductors
• This special machine finds application in stranding of glass fibres, telephone cables, control cables, insulated conductors and mixed  elements
• Armouring of glass fibre submarine cables with high tensile steel wires

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